Aug 26, 2010

Apartment Tour

So, here's to married life! It is like having a sleepover every night with your best friend. The only challenge so far has been...where to put all of our stuff! haha

I thought that you may want to see exactly where we are living now. There are tons of different types of living quarters on the mission field. There are mud huts, wooden houses, concrete structures; there are dirt, cement and tile floors; glass windows, screens or wooden shutters...the possibilities are endless. So I wanted to you have the grand tour of our home.

Mark and I are living in the little apartment on the 2nd floor of the HHGlobal dormitory. When groups are here we will be like the live in supers, lol...ready to fix shower head heaters in the middle of the night and enforce the no girls in the boys room rules. :-) Right now however..we are just enjoying our space, and still trying to get everything in it's place!

So here is the Vitrual Tour of the Younger Dwelling:

The Kitchen

The Bathroom

The Exercise Room

The Office

The Library

The Living Room

The Entertainment Center

The Bedroom

Mark has already started making some improvements to our living space, to make it a little easier for 2 people to live in here at the same time! We absolutely love our little place, and we are already making some great memories here!

We are so blessed to be living and working with the Williams and HHGlobal! We can't wait to see what God is going to do next!

Aug 11, 2010

What Can I Say?

With the past few months so full of blessing I am having a hard time deciding what to blog about. We finished an incredible summer season with HHGlobal. Our team really pulled together in the last few months. It was a tough time of stretching and growth for us all, and we really hope me made the Father proud.

At the end of July, all of my free time and thoughts were totally consumed with my fiance Mark and the upcoming wedding. There wasn't a minute that passed without thinking of him and thanking God for giving me such an incredible man to do life with. OK enough mushy stuff =D

I returned to the States on July 24th, just a week before the wedding. I couldn't have had any better help with all of the wedding arrangements. I really don't feel like I did much of anything until that last week. It was so much fun to help put together all of the flower arrangements, bows, backdrops, and table decorations. I felt like I was setting up for Live the Dream or another HPC event...except this one was my wedding! haha

It was so great to see my family and friends from all over the place come together with Mark's bunch. My mom and Mrs. Karen (Mark's mom) are already planning some joint family adventures...I just hope we get to be a part of some of them ;-)

Mark and I left for Honduras the morning after the wedding. We went home to Rio Viejo for a night and then left for Utila, Honduras the next morning for a few days of honeymoon bliss. Check out our Facebook pages for some great pictures of that island paradise. Then we spent a night in La Ceiba, thanks to Martin and Wendy and the Lee University bunch, who went in together and put us up in a beach front hotel!

We have just been overwhelmed by the generosity of God's people. We are completely on cloud-9 right now...and not sure if we ever want to come down. It feels good to be home. Mark is settling in nicely, and I pray for him to find his place. He is making friends fast and taking the bull by the horns.

It also feels good to be back at the blog. For a while there wasn't time for anything...sleeping and eating were on the necessary list, and everything else fell by the wayside. I am looking forward to this season of planning and asking God to give me creativity for the future.

I love you guys, and I can't wait to share more with you!