Aug 30, 2007


We are reading Humility by Andrew Murray for our weekly bible study. Last night this passage really hit home....

"The root of all virtue and grace, of all faith and acceptable worship, is that we know that we have nothing but what we receive, and bow in deepest humility to wait upon God for it."
You know how you can hear something a million times but unless you hear it at the right time is doesn't make sense? Well this was the right time for me. I realized that I have nothing but what I receive from God. It goes against my flesh big time because I feel like I have so much to offer, but really I don't have anything that God didn't give me in the first place.

Aug 29, 2007

Frejya AKA: Bean, Beanie-Weanie, Frejoles Negra

A little trip down memory lane...I know this really isn't relevant to this blog but I miss my bean!

Frejya, the greatest dog that ever lived, well still lives! I sat by her when she delivered her first litter of puppies. I would have been there for the second litter but they were a surprise (a BIG surprise)! I stayed with her for 3 days in Memphis after a routine surgery almost took her life. I hope I never have to feel that way again, but somehow I don't think that is realistic.

For those of you who have met her, you know that I am not bragging...simply stating the facts. She is loving and kind, but don't mess with me cause she'll take you out! I hope everyone finds a dog like this at least once in their life and can share the experience with someone special.


Brothers. Lunawana, Peru. Feb 2007.
I wonder if they are still there.

It's kind of crazy how things hit you all of a sudden.

I think about all of the little things that I take for granted everyday. I think about the sacrifices I have made to be where I am. I think about relationships in the past, present and the future.

I guess it takes big earth shaking events to really bring you back sometimes. To refocus on what is really important in this place... people. I know I will learn a lot in the next few years, but the one thing I hope to take away from this is the value of relationships.

I can admit I haven't always been the best at building or maintaining them.
I have always felt like I needed to prove my worth. To make sure everyone knew what I could bring to the table. I don't want to seek that kind of approval anymore.

So from now on, I have nothing to prove!

Aug 27, 2007

Video from Camino de Vida

HPC partner's with this church in Lima. This video was done not long ago showing the needs in that nation.

Continued Prayer

Here is a video I found on You Tube that shows some of the devestation around Lima.

Midnight Outreaches

Well I remember telling you that I was going to be a part of an outreach last Friday night but I haven't had a chance to tell you about it! So here goes...

We were actually able to be a part of 2 outreaches that night the first one was a Lady's of the Night outreach where about 10 girls from Elevate and 3 Leaders went out to some of the strip clubs in the Baton Rouge area and gave all the ladies a rose and a headband! I am so grateful to be a prat of a church that doesn't condemn people but instead tells them that they are important and loved! Just like Jesus! It was amazing to see the reactions from some of the girls; they were so excited and you could really see that they didn't get this type of simple kindness often. It is really sad that these girls are so often written off and that they are treated like pieces of meat. No wonder they are astonished when they get a simple rose from a stranger that didn't cost a lap-dance.

The second outreach we went on is one very dear to my heart...the Bar Outreach! Our Serve Team goes out almost every Friday night to the bars in Tiger Land (by LSU) and gives out bottles of water and Capri Suns to the people leaving the bars. It is a great opportunity to have conversations with students and help hydrate them before they get in their cars to drive home. We give out HPC cards with a map to the church, phone #'s and the web address. It is the coolest thing to talk with the students when they say, "Oh yeah I've been there a few times," or, " I went to Late Nite before," and they expect condemnation but all we give them is love!

That is the heart of Jesus, that we would be in the world but not of the world; and that is my mission!

Continued Prayer Needed - Part 2

This is an update from Pastor's blog about Peru, please take a minute to pray for this country that is so close to my heart. It is going to cost upwards of $600 thousand dollars to get the releif camps started. I am so thankful that our God has unlimited resources!

"The president of Peru personally asked my friend
Robert Barriger (pastor of Camino De Vida in Lima, Peru) to take over the administration of several of the relief camps in the city of Pisco - one of the hardest-hit areas. He has asked us to do what we can to mobilize workers to help them with this effort. They need 20 - 30 skilled contractors/carpenters immediately.
If you or someone you know is willing and can pay the airfare (currently about $1,000) Pastor Robert and his team will supply your food and housing in Peru. If you are able to go, please contact Marc Cleary at"

Aug 24, 2007

Peru Earthquake

Being an intern without TV and Internet @ home can leave you out of the world news loop. When I heard about the earthquake in Peru a few days ago my heart broke for those people. I have family in Lima, Peru and I was just there visiting Feb of this year. We drove down the Panamerican Hwy and into many of the towns affected by this disaster.
Here is a link to Pastor Dino's blog with a little update on what HPC is doing to help DinoRizzo

Please keep this country and its people in your prayers. Pray for good judgment in the government and support for the people.

Nehemiah 13

Pastor Jason Laird came to Chapel on Tuesday and gave a word from Nehemiah. I was reflecting on this passage yesterday in my quiet time. This is what I journaled...
My body is a storage room for the holy things of God but have I given "Tobiah" a place in my heart? Have I let the enemy gain a foothold in this temple of God?

Father forgive me and create an environment of worship and praise in my heart that will bring you gladness. All praise to your name! The God who can take the curses from my past and turn them into blessings!
We are going on an outreach tonight! Can't wait to tell you about it! Love you guys!

Aug 22, 2007

The Life of an Intern

This is a day in the life on an intern, Wed Aug 22...

5:00am - wake up & eat
6:00am - run around lake (I ran once and walked twice around for a total of 2.6 miles)
8:00am - morning prayer and devotion
9:00am-12noon - Work in intern area
12noon-1:00pm - lunch (blog and eat...doing this right now)
1:00pm-5:00pm - Work in intern area
5:00pm-6:00pm - Facilities (we each have an area to clean in the offices to keep things looking great)

Not to mention scripture memory, bible readings, exercise time, home work and all the other things we have to do to keep our apartments clean and run our daily lives! I just wanted to give you a little peak!

This morning in prayer we did a little bit of corporate worship...we went around in a circle and praised God with every letter on the alphabet, Amazing, Beautiful, etc. It was really neat and I challenge you to do the same in your worship time and discover new ways to worship him!

Thank you for your continued prayer! I love you all!

Aug 21, 2007

Tree of Life

During Prayer this morning I began to see myself as a tender leaf barely clinging to the tree of life. Ripped and tormented by sin, struggling to stay connected. My hearts desire is to become a mighty branch, plugged into the life giving power of God. A position that will only be strengthened by the winds of struggle. I want to be firmly rooted and totally supported by Jesus. Living water will flow through my veins and into other tender leaves. I want to be a vessel that God's uses to distribute that power to his people. To those who struggle like I did, those who's only thought was survival. I want to show them how to LIVE!

Father I want to rejoice in the winds of struggle and the storms of life because they will only strengthen my connection to you. I want so much of Jesus' love flowing through me that it drips out and plants new trees. I want to be a conduit that spreads the love of Christ and reaches those on the fringes. The ones that think they are too far gone and they can't hold on any longer. I want to help plug them into Jesus.

Aug 20, 2007


I was able to go on retreat with the entire Elevate Class this weekend and God was moving all over that place! Pastor Timmy spoke about living out the call God has on my life and holding on to it no matter what. That is what I want more than anything but I don't have a clear vision of what that is. I feel called to the mission field to serve His people, but I still don't know in what capacity. I have been telling my friends, family and even myself that I want to use my background in nutrition to help fight against the hunger that grips this world but I don't know if that is God's plan. Is it something that I am saying to make myself feel like I didn't waste 6 years of my life getting a degree in Dietetics? Am I trying to save my pride here? Well I don't want to have pride at all!

I pictured myself this weekend, writing my plan on a dry erase board. Every detail spelled out on how I though it should be, how I though God will use me. Then I walked up to the altar and gave God the eraser. I don't want my vision to get in the way of His vision. I am here to serve him not to serve Heather or even my family. I don't want to put anything before him, no idolatry here!

I am so excited that I get to serve and learn for 9 months and then the rest of my life! It has only been a week and I have such a passion in me to serve! If you are praying for me this is my request: that God will ignite in me a passion for specific areas of ministry so that His vision for my future will be confirmed in my life. I need to know the difference between the temporary burdens on my heart and the eternal calling he has for me.

Thank you to those who have sent in your Support Cards pledging your prayers and finances. I am believing that God will provide for every need. I want a faith that goes beyond all understanding. I though about taking out a loan to make up the rest of my tuition (~$5,000) and I really feel that he is testing my faith. He said that ha is sending resources my way and that I should wait patiently on him.

Aug 16, 2007


Well things have been moving so fast the past few days!

I had an incredible opportunity to be a part of an HPC staff meeting today! After some great worship with over 100 staff members, Pastor Dino gave us a good word and then brought some of the more experienced members of the church on stage for a candid look at ministry. There were over 150 years of ministry experience on the stage, not counting Pastor Dino!

It was amazing to see how sincere their hearts were and how much love and experience they had to share with all of us. Dave Olerking, the founder of Children's Cup, is one of the most sincere people I have ever met. It is amazing to have access to these incredible missionaries! To hear some of their stories and see the compassion on their faces for the lost was such a blessing! I can't believe this is only the 3rd day of Elevate. I have already learned so much.

More than anything, I want to be a sponge and soak up everything I can. I want to get everything possible out of this journey! Please pray that I have a soft heart and I will humble myself and learn from these amazing people God is bringing me in contact with. I want to be stretched and molded into someone who looks like Jesus. When I get squeezed into a situation or pulled and stretched and tested in this world I want Jesus to shine through, not anger or frustration or hurtful words.

If I learned anything today, it is that I have so much to look forward to! God is going to be working on me and through me for the rest of my life and I am so excited!

I love this church! And I love Jesus! (Just in case you didn't know)

Aug 14, 2007

First 2 Daze

Well we started Elevate on Monday! I moved in to my new 3rd floor apartment with my 5 other roommates in 111 degree weather! I think I lost about 10lbs in sweat!!!! I had some awesome friends helping me out, let me give a shout out to Michael and Charis Scichowski!!!! The helped us move in all day in the heat and then came back for more after we had our first orientation meeting.

My mom came all the way up from New Orleans and met Pastor Dino and most of the Elevate staff. She got to see my apartment and meet some of my roommates. I was soooo happy to have her there; it really made my day!

Today (Tuesday) we woke up and met at the Annex for 8am and after a little morning prayer we all headed out to the LSU Rec Center's Team Building Ropes Course! Two of the best guys ever lead us through a variety of exercises that required balance and strategy but most importantly TEAM WORK. We had a great time even though it was about 92 degrees by 9am. I really learned a lot today about the importance of taking the back seat sometimes. I think all of the interns have a natural ability to lead but sometimes you need to step back and let someone else take the reins.

I also learned a good bit about relying on others. I have been trying to do things on my own for so long that it is natural to try and do things myself. These exercises were impossible to do alone. Some required you to rely on the strong members, some required focus and concentration and others called for the participants to be calm and quiet.

I am so grateful to be with this group of people, they are real team players. I hope that we all remember what we learned today and apply it to our daily lives not only to help us deal with challenges but to help us avoid them!

I can't believe I am actually doing this! I am having a great time. Please pray for a few things: that I would remember that I am here to serve God and to remember where I was when he saved me. That God would continue to fuel my passion for the lost and hurting in this world. And that I would be have a servant's heart and put others before myself.

Thanks for keeping me so close! This was the BEST first day of school ever!

Aug 13, 2007

Moving Again!

well it's 12am on monday aug 13th and i am doing the last bit of packing for the big move tomorrow! elevate begins with a big bang in the morning; we have all day to move into the apartment and then we meet for orientation @ 6:30 @ pastor dino's house. i am nervous and excited; i really can't believe elevate is starting 9 hours!

we have to pay half of the total tuition tomorrow morning and i am still short by about $900 so please be in prayer for me! i am trusting god to provide for me without taking out a loan for the tuition! i am going to have to empty my bank account tomorrow and that is a frightening thing!

well i had better get back to packing! i hope i'll be able to write a little bit after orientation tomorrow and let everyone know my schedule! thanks again for all of your support!

Aug 5, 2007

Good News

I wanted to share a praise report! I have been trying to sell my car, a 2005 Ford Focus, for the past few months because I knew that I would not be able to afford the car note once I quit my job. It is kind of hard to keep paying your bills when you don’t have any money coming in! Any way, the idea was to sell the car pay off the loan and then use the left over $ to buy a used car outright. That way I would have a way to get around to all the places I needed to be and not have to pay the car note.

Well things didn’t work out like I had planned, and I still have not sold my car…anyone interested…BUT God is good and what I am learning is that he likes to provide for me in unexpected ways. In ways that will let me know it is directly from him and not by chance.

I went to The Call in July, check it out at, where I received a word from God that he was going to give me a reliable car that would get me to all the places I needed to be. I thought, great God really knows my address! So I prayed and waited and waited and prayed; then I started thinking of ways that he could work this out so I would be ready. The one thing I didn’t want to do was act on my own and try to get a car that wasn’t the one he wanted me to have.

So then my mom informs me that she was telling my Granddaddy my plight and he wanted to give me a car! That’s right a 1993 Buick Olds! God has sent me a ghetto super car! I am so excited!

I can’t help but be amazed that God works things out every time, and every time it is in a way that I never would have guessed. Now I am just waiting for the right buyer for my Focus and ALL of that money will be able to go toward my tuition for Elevate!

Glory to God in the Highest! Thank you!

Do You Trust Me?

I think God has been asking me the same question over and over this past week. I have been struggling in a number of different areas but they all lead back to this essential question...Do you trust me?

It is easy to say yes on the surface and then withhold certian areas of my life that I don't want to bother him with. Sometime I think my needs are silly but the truth is if they are tripping me up they aren't silly.

It is in the times of struggle that we are shaped into the image of Christ. I read something the other day, "Some people always avoid things that are costly, or things that require self-denial, self-restraint, and self-sacrifice. Yet it is hard work and difficulties that ultimately lead us to greatness, for greatness is not found by walking the moss covered path laid out before us through the meadow. It is found by being sent to carve out our own path with our own hands."

I don't want to pray for an easier life - I want to pray to be a stronger person.
I don't want to pray for tasks equal to my power - I want to pray for power equal to my tasks.
I don't want just doing the work to be the miracle - I want to be the miracle.

The question is, do I trust God enough to show up? Will I go into battle and expect him to fight on my behalf? Will I walk the path he has laid out before me even though I am afraid? I want to answer to be yes with my whole heart and my whole mind! I don't want to reserve a portion of myself for fear to live in.

I trust my God. I will do it afraid if I have to. I will continue to walk out the will of God.