Sep 28, 2008

So Tired but Filled Up

Whew! I am exhausted!!!

Garage sales are a lot of work!!

I have to say it was all worth it! Turns out God used this as an opportunity to bless more than one person. All the sleep deprivation was worth it to be a part of His plan. I can't stop thinking about why I am doing all of this.

I am leaving for Honduras in 6 weeks.

All of the hard work I am putting in now is bringing me closer to Rio Viejo. Not to mention it is preparing me for all the work waiting for me there. I can't believe it!!!! WOW!

My body is so tired, but my spirit is flying high. I am filled to overflowing.

Sep 27, 2008

Garage Sale Fun

The first day of the garage sale was a blast. Tabitha and I have had 2 hours sleep in the past 2 days. Needless to say we are a bit delirious. Here are a few pics from all the fun we had...

Glad you could come along on that journey with me! Hopefully tomorrow is twice as fun and twice as profitable!! Thank you Lord for many blessings that made this day possible!

Garage Sale!!!

So I am having a garage sale in approximately 4 I am going to take a nap! Pray for God's favor and blessing on this event. We have put in a lot of time, and some great friends helped with a lot of effort and donating goods!

This is going to be the best garage sale ever!!!!

Sep 24, 2008

Birthday Boots

Yes...I am aware that my birthday was in June and it is now late September, but it took a lot of research and try-ons to find the perfect hiking boot to bring to Honduras. I believe I found it! My mom totally hooked it up with these Keen Targhee II hiking boots.

Thanks mom!!!!

Don't they look nice?!

Yes... that is a hole in my pants, for you observant viewers. Pants are next on the list of purchases :) One step at a time!

Chicago Intern

There is a second intern going to Rio VIejo. Her name is Allison and she is from the Chicago area. Check out her blog. We will be spending a LOT of time together in the next few months!

Sep 23, 2008

Ready for my close up...

I needed a new picture for the blog...and as it turns out I am not a very good model. It took like 30 pictures to get a good one. Some friends of mine voted on the best one and vetoed my favorite. But I thought I'd let you in on the one I liked the best. This is still my blog isn't it?

So here goes...the can't stop laughing because this is the millionth picture in the past 20 minutes and I still can't get it right picture...

Honduras Bound

I think I am all packed and ready to go...

OK, maybe I should rethink my mode of transportation...It worked for Moses but I don't think it will have the same results for me.

Holy Ghost Power Pack

It is really cool when you know for sure that God just did something in your life. When you can feel Him changing you. When you can see it evident in your actions. God has been doing a lot of preparing...He has been sowing seed for a long time...and now the fruit is starting to ripen.

This is such an interesting time in my life. I always wondered why I was never really great at any one thing, but that I was OK at a lot of different things. I was definitely one of those kids who knew just enough about every subject to be called a "know it all." And because I thought everyone else wanted to know what I knew I took every opportunity to share...that is probably why my sister didn't want to hang out with me when I was a kid. :)

Now I think I understand what God was doing. He has given me a great gift...the "know just enough about everything gift" in order to figure out how to solve a wide variety of problems. It's like he built me to be a troubleshooter. You know like when you are having printer problems and that little menu pops up that says..."try this...did that solve your problem?...if not try this..."

I have been working the troubleshooter/problem solver thing for a while and, by His grace, I have been pretty productive. But's like He has given me the Holy Ghost Power Pack Upgrade. (Am I showing my nerdy side, or what?!) I can feel God enhancing certain areas of my creativity, administrative skills, vision, organizational structure...the list goes on.

God is taking my gambit of weaknesses and replacing them with His strengths. He is sharpening His sword and getting me ready for battle. Who knew He would choose to fight a war with a laptop, a calendar, an itinerary, a menu to feed 30 people and a policy and procedures manual! Take that satan! You are about to get administrated to death! Haha.

Sep 18, 2008

Special Gift

I wanted to take a moment to talk about a person very special to me. I won't mention her name because she wouldn't want me to. She believes in me, in a way that makes me want to be better at every thing. She doesn't hold back when I ask for her opinion. When she corrects me I know it is out of love. Every time I am around her I keep my eyes and ears open because I know I am going to learn something valuable (even if it is learning how to laugh). I really want to be like her when I grow up.

She taught me a lesson in obedience this week. I learned that sometimes other people benefit from your obedience. This is probably a no brainer for some people, but it is different when you are on the receiving end of someonelse's obedience. She blessed me with a financial gift that was a sacrifice to her. I am truly humbled by her belief in me, that she would sacrifice so much to send me out.

I am humbled every time I open a letter with a gift from each one of you. I don't have that words to describe the weight that is lifted off of my heart and the responsibility that is placed on it. I want to take care of the resources you invest in me. I want to give you a return on your sacrifice. Every person I see, every child I hug, every video I shoot, every email I send made possible because of someone's obedience.

I can't write an post about everyone who makes an impact on me, but I wanted to let you know that you are all special to me. You all teach me and you all make me want to be better than I am so I can bring glory to God.

Update on the "Big" Meeting

OK guys! Here it is....the official date of departure...the day the catapult sends me hurdling through the air...can I get a drum roll please?

Thursday, November 13th

It is really real now! There is someone in Tennessee at the Go Global HQ trying to find me a plane ticket and overseas medical insurance. There is $3000 on its way to Go Global to pay for half of the next year of my life!

I wish I could take a picture of my heart right now and that it could actually show you how wonderful I feel. You guys have made this happen! Your prayer, support and sacrifice has made it possible.

The fact that you believe in me and are interested in what God is doing in Honduras just makes my heat overflow with not!

Real joy!

So let the count down begin...we have 8 weeks left to go!

Sep 17, 2008

Big Meeting

I am going to a big meeting about Honduras today at 3pm. Well, it's really not a "big" meeting to anyone else, but to's HUGE! I love the times when I can talk to the team and make plans. I feel like I am really getting somewhere.

I'll catch you up on the details later tonight!

For now...enjoy a fishy face or "boca de pescado" in Spanish.

Sep 15, 2008

Wordstudy on Catapults

Dr. Martin keeps using the word catapult to describe what God is preparing us for in Rio Viejo. So naturally I have been thinking a lot about the word. I know what a catapult is one of those giant Medieval slingshot things, but I looked up the definition anyway on and here are some that were particular intriguing...

Definition #1: A military machine for hurling missiles, such as large stones or spears, used in ancient and medieval times.

OK humor me for just a minute while I break this down...

I am picturing myself sitting in the bucket part of the catapult...feeling a bit uneasy now. Does being in the bullet holder make me the bullet? I am OK with being in the long as no one goes near that rope that is keeping me from being hurled through the air at an incredibly fast speed only to make a sudden painful contact with the ground...OK I am getting out of the bucket now...very carefully.

Definition #2: To thrust or move quickly or suddenly

Let's think about I really ready to be catapulted? I could see that happening once I get to Honduras. I will have to move pretty fast to keep up with the pace there. I're thinking...Honduras is a Latin country it moves reeeal slooow, but I will tell you that ministry there moves just as fast as ministry here in the States - the only difference is that the rest of the people around you are moving slower than you are, which I can only assume gets frustrating sometimes.

Definition #3: A device that launches aircraft from a warship

By now I realize that this is definately a military type word...hurling things from warships quickly and suddenly. I feel like I am back in the bucket with white knuckels gripping the sides, one eye tightly shut and the other one glued to the rope that is keeping me from experiencing gravity in a whole new way.

Man...who knew one little word could do so much to a person! In the past few days I have had a crash course on Spiritual Authority and Spiritual Warfare. Now here I am, doing a word study on catapults...a war machine. I think God may be preparing me for something...what do you think? So I have decided to shine up my armor, sit calmly in the bucket trusting that if God cuts the rope He knows exactly where I am going to land. How about this...I am even going to enjoy the ride...instead of flailing about in fear and thinking about how much it is going to hurt when I hit the ground...I am going to act like a real bullet and focus on how much damage I am going to do to the Enemy.

So if I have learned anything about catapults, it is that they can be the turning point in a battle. They can help you cover a lot of ground in a short period of time, and they demand reverence on the battlefield. I am glad I am on the winning side...the side with the catapults.

God's Provision

There are some things we aren't meant to see ahead of time. These are the things that build our faith exponentially. When we stand against all odds, believing against all reason that God will do what He has promised our faith is catapulted into the next level.

I want to SHOUT out a huge praise God has provided yet again! Some of you already know (if you receive the email updates) that God provided the money for the first $2000 installment for Honduras. It happened so fast that I had to take a minute to remember where it all came from. One day I was in D-Ville helping to feed people who couldn't cook in their homes and the next day I was depositing over $700 of babysitting, house cleaning, and odd job money into my account. Adding that to the $950 of donations that came in right after the support letters went out and then about $350 that I had saved in my checking account...and BINGO $2000 in a matter of days.

Please let this be an encouragement to you. If there is something you have been waiting for. If there is something that you have been believing for...whether it is a financial promise, a healing, a reconciliation, or a relative getting saved don't stop believing! Let God grow your faith by standing firm in your beliefs...even if all odds are against you.

Abraham believed that God would give him a son, even when he and his wife were long past the child bearing age. He believed because God said so. And it is even more encouraging to read in the account that Abraham and Sarah messed up - they took matters in their own hands - but God was still faithful.

He is faithful even if we aren't!!!

It is when the flowers of our gardens are pressed and crushed that they release a sweet sweet fragrance. And when the storm winds blow on those already bruised petals that the fragrance is carried across the barren fields to bring hope of spring to others. Let your scent of faith be carried far and wide!

Hurricane Relief Pics

I have found the elusive fire wire that connects my cell phone to my computer!! I wanted to share some of the things I saw during the storm and the days following...

Watching the progress of Gustav in the D-Ville sanctuary turned shelter with 200 people.

Pastor Dino on WAFB bringing light to a dark situation!

Mark Younger died of swamp foot. He spent his last hours as the gate keeper at the shelter doors. Just kidding...Mark is still alive but he did have a really bad case of pruney feet.

Michelle, Mary Beth and Lacey...all hangin tough in D-Ville.

After the storm I had the pleasure of returning to D-Ville for a few days to help kick off the relief efforts. This was my little cot...I totally felt like a real live missionary. Then I got sick and had to leave becasue I was puking my guts up every few I said...I felt like a real live missionary. Haha. I am all better now worries.

Entergy working tirelessly to restore power to the D-Ville dream center so we could have power at our Sunday service. It didn't quite work out as we had church powered by a generator and the Holy Spirit. Ya heard?

Sep 13, 2008

Pics with the Williams Family

Dr. Martin, Wendy and yours truly

My stepdad Rufino, Dr. Martin, Wendy, Me, and my mom with my nephew Izaak.

Rachel, Dr. Martin, Samuel, Wendy, Me and Cheri (down front)

I had a great time with the Williams family and I can't wait to get down there! I just wanted to share the pictures with you so you could get a visual of the people I will be spending my year with!

Sep 12, 2008

Armor Bearer

What does it take to be an Armor Bearer for God?

Would you want to be an Armor Bearer for someone else?

The Bible talks about some of the greatest, most humble men being armor bearers...what does that really mean? There is a great book out there...called Armor Bearer (genius, no?)...that talks about what it takes to lift up those around you.

When I pray for my time in Honduras, I have prayed that I would be an armor bearer for Dr. Martin and Wendy. My biggest desire it that I can be used to increase the capacity of their ministry. Dr. Martin keeps using the word "catapult" when he talks about what is fixing to happen in the Rio Viejo mountain cove.

Last week while they were in town, we had a get together over at Dr. Cheri Leblanc's house. We were praying for HHIM and my time there and Mr. Joe, Dr. Cheri's husband, received a vision. He saw the hospital in Rio Viejo with lines of people so numerous they looked like ants. They were receiving medical care from the clinic but they were also receiving the love of Christ. He also saw me standing on the side lines, polishing a shield. He asked the Lord what it meant and God said that I was going to be an armor bearer of the ministry and that I was going to Honduras to do things with excellence.

WOW! Mr. Joe didn't know that being an armor bearer has been my prayer for months. I almost cried when he shared what he saw. God hears our prayers! He knows what is on our hearts! I am going to Honduras to serve Him with excellence and to lift some of the burden off of Dr. Martin and Wendy. It doesn't mean that things will get actually means that we will all be able to do more...more for the patients, more for the community and more for God.

I just wanted to share that awesome confirmation with you. That God knows our hearts! He knows us even if we don't know Him.

Sep 11, 2008

WOW, things have picked up a bit of momentum since my visit with the Williams family. Man I love those guys! My mom took some pictures while we were all together so as soon as I get them from her I will post them so you guys can see how much fin we had.

I wanted to let you guys know about Dream Big Missions. It is an up an coming support system for missionaries and ministry minded people. Started by two very special friends of mine, Vicky and Tabitha Ivy. They have blessed me with some webpages at where you can partner with me while I am in Honduras. I have also put a link to the page in the sidebar for easy clicking!

This website will act as a hub for communication and support. It is linked here to the blog, it will allow for online donations as well as offering products, like custom jewelry and original photography, for purchase to support me while I am there. There is also a contact page that will allow you to send me emails right from the website!

Please check it out. It is being improved everyday and if you have any suggestions to make it more user friendly please let me know. I am definitely not a web designer, so there is a big learning curve...right? Ha ha!

Can't wait to see how you like it. I really think Dream Big is going to be a huge asset to the work God is doing all over the world, by supporting His missionaries while they are gone and taking care of them while they are Stateside!

Sep 10, 2008

The Williams Family is in Town!!

I have just had the best few days with the Williams Family, from Honduras. Well it has really only been about 36 hours! They are in Baton Rouge for 3 days and we are making the most of the time we have together.

We had a great party at Dr. Cheri LeBlanc's house where my family got to meet the Williams. It was an awesome night of food (of course) and fellowship. We have had some great meetings about the trip and we are gearing up for my departure...which may be sooner than we all expected.

I am even more excited about the future and what God is doing in Honduras than ever before. Please keep praying for favor and financial support. I have added a new feature to the side of the blog...a Donate button will take you to the paypal website where you can make secure online donations even if you don't have a paypal account.

Things are moving faster than I thought possible, but that's one thing God is good at...showing me that He is bigger and better than I ever imagined!

Sep 7, 2008

Forgotten Blogs

There has been so much happening here in the Baton Rouge area that I am sure I won't have enough time to blog about it all. That got me thinking about all of the blogs I have intended to write and never got around to.

It is pretty sad, because God is doing so much in my life and the lives of those around me I can't possible share it all. I wish I could blog about every smile, every sweet child, every roof that has been fixed and every belly that has hot food in it...but there is no way I can do all of that on my own.

Just know that the Lord is moving! We had church this morning in Donaldsonville, and it was an awesome service. We ran off a generator but we had a/c in the sanctuary and we used construction lights in the kids rooms. But the presence of God was there and He saw his people! Absolutely amazing!

Sep 6, 2008

Made for the Mission field

I realized tonight that I really am made for the misison field. I am energized by things that make others draw back in fear...and sometimes disgust.

I love working hard, sweating, washing my clothes in the sink and hanging them out to dry. I love going to bed late and waiting up early. I love making bonds that will last a life time. I love laughing and telling stories about the day.

I love real people, who are serving Christ even though they aren't perfect.

Thank you God for this opportunity to taste what my life will be like in Honduras. It warms my heart that you would let me serve you in this way!

Sep 4, 2008


What a whirlwind week. I don't even know what day it is right now. I am sitting in a house with electricity, internet and hot water!! Praise God.

I got a stomach virus out a D'Ville last night so I left the dream center so I wouldn't contaminate all of the volunteers. It is amazing to see the different organizations working together on the ground. The unity is amazing and the ministry that is getting done here is incredible.

I feel like I have been on a two week long mission trip. I promise I will write more soon. But I am exhausted and so looking forward to a hot shower!

Praise God that the house we are staying at tonight just got electricity a few hours before we came it! The Lord provides!!!!

I love you all. If you have some free time and would like to volunteer in the Baton Rouge area we would love to have you! Make your way to HPC on Highland road.