Sep 18, 2007


Because I have been such a bad blogger lately I thought I'd give a bit of a photo recap for you guys! I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them!!!Elevate Initiation: The 2nd year interns kidnapped us in the middle of the night during our first week in Elevate. The brought us to the church and we cleaned the sanctuary for the Sunday services! It was so much least for those of us who weren't blind folded!
Me wearing one of the many backpack vacuum cleaners...yeah it reminds me of The Ghost Busters too!
Some of the Full Time Elevate girls! From Back: Kelly Finegan, Hannah Dyke, Stephanie Durbin, Shana Byers, Mary Beth Guedry, Kristina Blount, Stephanie Bain.

Our Elevate class gets announced to the church! There are 26 Full Time Interns and 53 going to the Evening School!!

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