Sep 5, 2007

Time is Flying

OK, so I can't believe it's been so long since my last post! It feels like all I did was blink and 5 days flew past! Things are going great in the Elevate World!

Friday night we kicked off a new school year with Late Night Live! We had a bunch of college kids playing games and eating food over at the Highland Campus. Then we had an awesome encounter with the Lord during worship and a great message from Pastor Mike Haman.

This weekend we had a "Random Fund Raiser Weekend" where we broke out into teams of 2-3 people and raised funds for out mission trip next year! We had to raise at least $200 per team but we went over and above. We raised over $3000 for the trip!!!

This week at HPC we are hosting a big workshop where a bunch of churches around the states are coming to see what goes on behind the scenes at HPC. God has blessed this church with a great anointing and the staff want to share what God is doing with churches all over the country! So Elevate is getting to play a big part in serving those who come in to learn!

We are also having a One Way service tonight!!! I am so excited. One Way is a service that is nothing but great worship, but the best part is we have all of our campuses represented under one roof! We worship as a family, united together like the body of Christ was intended to be! I can't wait!

Well I have a bunch of pictures from over the past few days so I will get them up here ASAP!
Love you! and God bless!

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