Oct 8, 2007

God Tube

So you may have noticed that I have been putting a lot of video links up the past few posts. And I am actually about to post another one, so buckle up. But first I thought I'd explain why.

Many of you may know about YouTube, a website where anyone can upload any kind of video and the whole world can look at it. I have found this website called GodTube, which is pretty much the same thing but a little cleaner. You can search for all kinds of videos on all kinds of topics.

Because I don't have a lot of time to do pleasure reading anymore (I am doing tons of great required reading though) I have started watching these videos when I get a few spare minutes. They are quick, most of the time, and they are either touching, inspiring, funny or passion filled.

So I am sharing some of the ones I really like with you guys. They have either made me cry like a little girl, made me choke on my coffee because they were so funny or convicted me so hard I had to press pause and repent right there at my desk.

This one is the funny kind; A Mac Vs PC Parody with Fear Vs Faith...enjoy

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