Oct 2, 2007


So I had my first preaching situation this morning! I got to speak to the Denham Springs Freshman High Character club this morning. We are doing a series on The Race of Life and I had the privileged of doing the second installment.

It was really awesome to be able to speak to ~40 freshman about setting goals and defining the "win" for themselves. I wanted to share with them some of the struggles I have faced while training for the 5k we will run in April.

There were 4 principles I left them with:
  1. Don't compare your race to someone else's - God made you for a specific purpose
  2. You might have to run the race alone - Sometimes you have to say no when everyone else is saying yes
  3. Sometimes it's not fun - You have to sacrifice to accomplish anything significant
  4. Set your goal and stay focused - setting smaller goals may help build your confidence and stay focused on the way to the "big win"
I had a great time! It was amazing to truly be a vessel of God and let Him minister through me!

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