Dec 28, 2007

Venezuela Part II

The Maracuchos party like no body's business! My step-sister's wedding started at 6pm and they didn't stop dancing until 4am! At the Christmas eve party dinner wasn't even served until midnight and we left the party at 2am. I haven't stayed up this late this much in years!

The Maracuchos take pride in everything from the way they dress to the cars they drive to the food they cook! There is a lot of money here but if you look through all of the glitz and glamor you see the same undercurrent of poverty that runs through most of South America.

Maracaibo, Venezuela is more modern than Lima, Peru. There is air conditioning everywhere, most of the buildings are very modern and the city has started to grow up - sky scrapers are coming up out of the ground to forever change the Maracucho skyline.

To Be Continued...

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