Jan 6, 2008

Financial Frenzy

Of course the pressure is back on in the financial department, but God is so good. The mission trips this year are going to cost a little more than we expected and I still have to raise $3500 for this semester’s tuition, but this is no surprise to God. He has planned for this ahead of time.

I got a call from an old college friend of mine while I was in Chicago. We played phone tag and then email tag for a while before he told me the reason for getting in touch with me. He said that God laid it on his heart to help me with the financial burden and he was going to send me some money…a lot of money for a 20-something, young professional, who has only been working for a year or two. This just blew me away. God prepared his heart beforehand.

God knew that I was going to start freaking out about my finances. He knew that I was going to feel the pressure of all the bills. He knew that I would trust him this time so he planted the seed in Kenny’s heart to help. I am so touched by Kenny’s sacrifice. I am so blessed to be in God’s will. All glory and honor to His name!

By the will of God, I can raise the remaining funds for the tuition and the mission trip. By the will of God, I can stay in Elevate. By the will of God, I can live my life under His protection and guidance.

I pray that God will bless everyone who has given sacrificially, everyone who has seen something in me worth investing in. Because this is not just for me, this is for God’s kingdom and all the others he has in store for me to serve.

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