Jul 9, 2008


The brand NEW HPC worship album is out! This was a LIVE recording from the Amplified weekend I posted about a few months ago. You have got to get yourself a copy of this!

It is an incredible sound...the sound of a new generation crying out for God and making Jesus famous! Check it out here...http://www.healingplacemusic.com/epicworship/

Here are some of the lyrics..right out of the heart of HPC:


words and music by Tabitha Montalbano

Is there any more of me that You desire
Jesus, all my days I live to lift You high
Take my heart, I remain in You
Change my life, 'til the old is new

Search my heart
Show me anything I'm holding back from You
Jesus I, live a life to please no one but You
Are there words to speak the glories of Your name
All the love You've given I cannot contain
Standing strong, for the faith in me
Lift You up so the world may see

I can't contain it
This love I hold
This world won't take it
This love that I know

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