Aug 26, 2008

HPC Medical Mission Trip to Honduras

Healing Hands Mobile Medical Clinic took to the air this summer and went to Rio Viejo to minister alongside Dr. Martin, Wendy and their family. I was so excited to read the blog entries about the trip on Dr. Cheri's website, that I had to share them with you.

There are a few different entries so I have put links to all of them below. It would be awesome if you would take some time to read about their experience there and see what I am so honored to be a part of in Honduras!!

Happy Reading!!

Click Here to Go to Dr. Cheri LeBlanc's Blog and read the posts below

  1. Table Before the Lord

  2. Honduras Medical Team

  3. The Gift - by Brenda Clark

  4. Blessed Feet - by Sheila

  5. Unity in Christ

  6. Time, Love and Tenderness

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