Aug 29, 2008

Hurricane Watch

We are keeping one eye on Gustave and the other eye on Hanna as they approach the Gulf of Mexico. I wanted to let you all know that HPC is preparing to be a Healing Place for a Hurting World by serving one person at a time. We are gearing up to be a relief center for people as they pass thought Baton Rouge on their way to higher ground.

If you are staying in the Baton Rouge area and would like to be involved in the outreaches and serving that will happen if Gustave does indeed land in the area, go to for the latest updates and serving opportunities.

Continue to stand in prayer that the storm will dissipate and not cause any damage at all. As Pastor Dino said..."we are preparing for the worst and praying for the best."

I will try to post about what is going on, but if we lose electricity I don't think that I will be able to do much of that. I love you guys!

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