Oct 7, 2008

Familia de Honduras

I wish I could share with you all the bond that God is developing between me and the Williams family. It is so cool how He puts things in my path. My cousin called me the other day and asked if I would be able to use 3 cases of MRE's in Honduras. I wasn't sure how to get them down there but I said I'd ask Wendy and see if we could figure something out.

Turns out that Dr. Martin can use them when he goes waaaay out into the mountains for days at a time. Isn't that cool? God is not only providing for me, He is providing for the Williams family, and Allison...not to mention Natalie and Pat in Swaziland, and the countless other missionary families on the field.

We serve a really big God and He is very good at multitasking.

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