Dec 30, 2008

Copan Road Trip...Part I

Can you say really say it out loud...F-U-N!!! Wendy and I made an executive decision that the family needed to have some fun. So we all piled into a rental van and headed for Copan, Honduras. 

Rachel and I in the back of the van...watched so many movies my eyeballs started to swell.

Wendy, Cindy and I...staring in awe at the Power Chicken menu. This place really does have something for everyone...that is if you like chicken!


We rented single beds at a Hostel for $5 each and we finished off our Power Chicken left-overs in the lobby. We forgot to get to-go forks so I felt like we were a pack of lions devouring a fresh kill.

We had breakfast at Mary's...the best papusa place in Copan. Cafe con leche, papusas, plato de frutas, and yes...Rachel had pancakes! 

After breakfast we hit the town to take in the local sights. 

Cobbelstone streets and motorcycle taxis reminded me of Cuzco, Peru. Except it is always springtime in Copan and the weather was beautiful.

We met up with Pastor David and Candy Beebe, the same pastor I met at HPC a week before I left for Honduas, and we began to plan our trip to the Mayan Ruins... 
stay tuned for Part II...

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