Dec 21, 2008


So much is happening...I am learning so much, seeing so much, questioning so much and working so much that it is hard to find time to talk to God about it all. I am quickly finding out that the life of a missionary...even in Latin America...moves quickly. There is not much time for reflection.

God is speaking to me. I can feel it in my spirit, but I am hard pressed for time to let Him expound on things. I want to sit at His feet. I need to find Him in the garden. Like Jesus...I need to draw away and pray. 

I feel like I am far away from the arms of God...I can hear the far off sound of His voice, I know He is there...waiting for me to stop and listen. Waiting for me to follow the sound of His voice and walk with Him in the cool of the day. 

Today...I got to watch HPC live on the internet in my living room. That is nothing short of a miracle! I was filled with the awe of God in worship and my heart felt like it would burst. I saw Isaac and Carole Williams and I know that Deborah is preparing to return with them to Moze and start a new chapter of her story. I saw Mrs. DeLynn singing and heard Pastor Dino deliver an amazing message. I saw Mrs. Judi Davis in the choir and watched KIA do their Christmas program. You will never know what that meant to me! To feel remember.

I think I have a case of communication shock. I want to share all of the things that are going on here but the last thing I want to do here is become a reporter...always relaying the events but never being affected by them. Please pray that I would find the balance, that I would open up to the Lord and let His Spirit move me. That I would be a window for you into the mission field, but that I would not get lost in translation.

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