Jan 8, 2009

Good Eats

One question I get from a lot of people back home is, "How is the food down there?" Well if you came to the Taste of Honduras party before I left you have a good idea of the local cuisine. If not... well then you missed out on some good eats, but I will take pity on you and show you some of the food that in in our fridge:

Mustard in a bag.

Granola in a bag.

Milk in a box.

Map of our fridge.

Now the food in our fridge isn't typical...yes we have a lot of the local eats, but for starters we have a fridge. Another thing we have in our kitchen is a stove...many people in the village cook on a wood burning stove made from clay. We also have transporation into the city to buy groceries, however some people in the village have never even been to La Ceiba... even though it is only a bus ride away.

The local fare consists of: tortillas, rice, beans, plantains, green bananas, cabbage, tomatoes, oranges, chicken, eggs and fish. The corn grown here is very starchy so it is used mostly for animal feed. Hondurans love chicken, they are running around everywhere in la cuenca and there are chicken restaurants on every corner in the city!

I am starting to do some diet educations at the clinic...which is pretty interesting when more than half of their diet is carbohydrate based and they don't get much protein or fiber. We are brainstorming on ways to grow more green veggies here and make them available to the people. So we are starting small...one plate at a time!

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