Feb 12, 2009

Taking Steps

When I first came to Honduras in May of 2008, I came with Mrs. Claudia Berry who is gifted in helping ministries take what is in their heart and put it into achievable goals to help their ministry grow. She did just that for Martin and Wendy, and I have been entrusted to help make that happen. 

This week, with our first group, we began visiting the elementary and high schools in the cuenca. We bring with us: anti-parasitic medication, vitamins, toothbrushes/paste, band-aids, alcohol prep pads and a whole lot of education. 

We are designing a community education curriculum specifically for the people here in the cuenca. Our goal is to visit each of the 31 schools in the area 3 times per year. Each time we visit a school we will give them the items listed above and a new lesson from the curriculum

It is really cool to see it happening. To see the words come off the page and to see real lives affected by them. It is very cool, very cool indeed.

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marybethg said...

wow! it's so incredible to see how God is using you after all of your diligent preparation. i wish that i could be there to see you teach....oh wai, i will be in May....OH YEAH!!!!