Mar 15, 2009


So we have made it through the 2 teams at once week! What a stretch! Today I am trying to relax. Claire and I came down to La Ceiba to buy some groceries...since we haven´t had time to make this trip in a while...we have been scavenging at the dorm for food :)

We rode the chicken bus down with the Canadians and made sure they made it to church on time. And now Clair and I have a belly full of Dunkin Donuts (don´t hate...they are such a treat) and I am sipping on a capiccino! Ahhh....

It ia a beautiful day in La Ceiba and we are going to meet up with the Canadians after we hit up the grocery store and ride back up with them on the bus.

Thanks to all of you who have been pulling for us in prayer! I know that God gave us some extra grace this week. There were things that almost slipped through the cracks but God helped us on such a practicle level this week. He really held things together for us while we were running around like crazy people.

I wouldn´t trade this past week for anything!

Last night we all watched Craig Grochell`s One Prayer Message...Make Us One. I absoluetly love that message and I wanted the Canadians to really see just how important unity in the church is and what a special thing we have here in la cuenca with 4 different ministries working hand in hand. I hope and pray that the Holy Spirit moves in their lives and that they leave here changed!

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