Apr 4, 2009

Youth Extravaganza

So today we had the youth group from the Church of the Nations in La Ceiba come up to hang out with the Canadians. We planned to cook hot dogs, play Frisbee, cut some watermelons and of course swim in the river!

As we woke up this morning and began preparing for the day...we realized that the power was out. No big deal because the lights go out frequently here in the summer due to rolling brown outs and when the electric company is working on the lines. We fired up our gas stoves and started baking cupcakes without a second thought.

Once the cupcakes were baked, iced and the hot dog buns were sliced we decided to start cooking the dogs. 

Me: "Hey Wendy...where are the hot dogs?"

Wendy: "They aren't in the fridge?"

Me: "No, they aren't in the freezer either!"

Wendy: "You mean we don't have hot dogs?"

Me: "I guess not...did we lose a box on the way up the mountain?"

Wendy: "I don't think so, everything was tied down tight when we got up the mountain."

Me: "Uh oh."

So we had an entire youth group on the way for a cook out with no meat! oops. So as of now...Martin in on the motor cycle headed down the mountain to buy more hot dogs. The youth group has arrived and they have no idea all we have are empty buns and cupcakes. 

Let's hope Martin gets back before they get too hungry!


Such is life. You just have to roll with the punches around here. It doesn't do any good to get upset. Especially when you have a bunch of teenagers running around, because they pick up on your moods so easily. We can't have an outbreak of hot dog panic spreading through the crowd! 

So the lights came back on for long enough to start typing this blog...and then went back off again. So hopefully by the time they come back on we will have hot dogs on the grill and a bunch of happy teenagers and a posted blog.


5 hours later


Martin returned with the hot dogs in time to save the day! The Canadians did a great job coming up with games to play with the youth group from La Ceiba and they had a blast. I think they will all be talking about it for days! 

Thanks for keeping up with the blog! Today was a great day of relationship building with a local church! I can't wait to do it again!

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