Jul 2, 2009

God did it again...

Yep, He did it again. He blew me right out of the water. I don't know who was praying for me today, but I could feel it.

I was really worn out after the hike to La Lucha yesterday. We made the 8 mile round-trip trek to host a brigade and teach the people there about the unfailing love of Christ. The village is aptly named "the struggle" because we crossed over 4 rivers and 7 creeks to arrive after a solid 2 hour hike.

We had another full day today putting the finishing touches on the Rio Viejo Kindergarten, which the group painted and decorated. We taught the kids about healthy foods and did crafts with them and performed the parable of the lost sheep.

At the end of a very long week, it was time to take the group to the sliding rock, which has become our favorite swimming hole. Needless to say...I was exhausted and all I could think about doing was laying on the tile floor and going to sleep. But God knew that I needed to be there, and I know someone was praying for me at that moment...asking God to give me strength to make it though.

Today at the sliding rock, I witnessed 17 people commit/recommit their lives to Christ at an impromptu baptism, two of which were Sam and Rachel Williams. I am so grateful to God for giving me the strength to make it today. Sometimes...more often that not actually, we have to suck it up and just obey...we have to sacrifice for the good of the group, and I am so glad I did.

It was the perfect setting, we were all commenting on how much it must have been like biblical times. Everyone just living in the moment and soaking up all God had for us.

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daryl brewton said...

you are right it was very cool to be there. I just got through reading some of your posts. You are a very good writer and communicator. Funny, witty, and entertaining. Keep it up.