Jul 10, 2009

Who's desires do you desire?

I have been praying for the Lord to give me another verse to describe the next chapter of my life...the next chapter of this walk with Him. For the past few years I have held onto Matt 6:33:
"But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well."

The Lord has walked me through so much with this scripture. He has grown my faith as I have watched this scripture unfold in my life. He has provided for me all the way, never leaving me, always faithful in His word...it has taken some time for me to really get the message.

Simple as it may seem... there was something in my heart that wouldn't fully trust that God would provide for me and keep me safe, but He is such a gentleman and He has stayed by me helping me trust Him through difficult times. Now...this verse is written on my heart. I know that it is true; I know that He is trustworthy and I know that He loves me.

So as God calls me deeper into relationship with Him, I wanted a new verse...a new marker of my time with Him. Something I can write down, study and incorporate into my life. I don't know exactly what the verse is going to be, but I do know the topic...desires of the heart.

I have come a long way in realizing that I need God in my life. I know that without Him, I would be lost. Now that I have passed through the valley of need, I have come into the pastures of want...I want God in my life. There is such a big difference between knowing that something is good for you and wanting it in your life (think about brussel sprouts and mustard greens).

Well, now that I need and want Him...and He is bringing me further into that relationship...He is calling me to want what He wants. I want my heart to beat like His does, I want to desire the same things He does, I want to live and breathe and move like He does. So I am asking Him to give me the desires of His heart...to make my heart like His...to give me a new one that is pure and holy and full of integrity.

So as you pray for me in the next few days, pray that God would develop this in me and the He would give me a scripture to hold onto so that I can use it to light my path. While you are at it, pray this same thing for yourself! Pray that God would change things in you and that He would be more real to you than ever before.

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