Nov 16, 2009

Garage Sale Success

A bag full of donated costumes added to our night of fun!

I want to give a BIG FAT shout out to all of the people who helped make this weekend's missions garage sale a success. God totally used His people to provide everything we needed from the house to host the event, to the donations to sell, to the help sorting and setting things out, and to getting the overflow to United Collectables. There were so many hands involved that it will be impossible to name them all, but I am going to try... in no particular order...

The whole Haman family, Missy & Selah, Vicky & Tabitha Ivy, Dr. Cheri LeBlanc, Ann Morrow, Bro. Larry Guttweiler, Drew Tullos and his boys, Gayle Parker, Dustin Anderson, Diane and Steve Miller, Cooking for Christ, United Collectables, Mark Younger, Pastor Derek and Lori Smith, Pastor Fernando, Kelly and Perry, the Messers, Kari & Becky, Robin, Katherine, The Rizzo's, Mrs. Betty, Barbra Conti, Gabi LeBlanc, Charlie & Jake, and anyone who prayed for favor, donated items, retweeted the ad, shared the FB event or passed along the word that we were having a the garage sale of the century.


It is incredible to me how God shows up when you trust Him. Most of the time you don't even see a problem until it is staring you right in the face and then as you trust God to provide He does...through His people, through His body.

Mary Beth and I are so grateful for all of your support. We know that we can't do this thing with out you...but honestly we don't want to do it alone. We want to bring all of you with us on the journey so you can see God's glory up close and personal!

So thanks again and again and again, but this thing isn't over yet! I am officially hitting honduran soil again in January and Mary Beth lifts off a month later in February. Until then we will be hitting the streets, working, funding, praying, seeking, serving, name it, we are doing it. We are so committed to serving God and following His path, and we are committed to trusting Him to provide for us as well.

We love you, I love you...and I can't wait to share all of the cool stuff God is going to do!!

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