Mar 21, 2010

You might be a missionary if...

I would hope that most of my readers have a heart for missions. Whether you want to be on the mission field one day, hope to go on a short term trip this year, or feel called to support missionaries...this blog is for you! Because of your heart...I have devised a list of things that may help you decide if you have the heart of a missionary.

Here we go!

You might me a missionary if...

  1. You talk about food all of the time...even while (um...especially while) you are eating.
  2. Bodily functions work their way into your normal, everyday conversations. 
  3. You wear things that other people think are weird...and then start a fashion trend... albeit years later. 
  4. You can have complete conversations in movie quotes, and everyone listening understands what you are saying. 
  5. Dancing in the office is a weekly occurrence.
  6. You can't have a conversation without using facial expressions, sound effects, hand signals or different tones of voice. 
  7. Your work and your life cannot be separated. You can't "turn-off" the passion for your purpose in life. 
  8. Your first reaction to almost any situation is laughter...even if you just laugh on the inside where no one else can hear it. 
  9. You have a passion for telling other missionary stories, complete with the mannerisms stated above in #6.
  10. People back home think you are weird...they love you, but they think you are weird...and then when they come visit you, they still think you aren't normal. 

Sure my experiences on the mission field have been limited to our specific geographic location, and the short time I have lived here. I am hoping to put more of these together...maybe it will become a regular blog entry. Who knows?

I hope they made you laugh...laughter is good medicine =D

Have a happy Sunday!!

1 comment:

Nina Nicole said...

You should know that every single one of those deciding factors describe me completely!!!