Apr 9, 2010

When Two Worlds Collide

Ok...so I have been avoiding the blog sphere. 

It is true. I admit it.

Something absolutely incredible happened in my life last week, while I was in the States. Then....I realized my blog world was about to run smack into my real world. Now let me explain, before you think that I have been keeping things from you.

Y'all know that I don't really keep my thoughts to myself...it's share and share alike around here, but some things are kept so far down in your heart, that you dare not share them with the world. They are too young and tender, or they are too sweet and vulnerable. Which ever the case may be, this week one of the desires buried deep in my heart sprouted up like a big TREE and now there is no way I can get around sharing it with you.

On April 3rd, I got engaged. 

There, I said it. 


Some of you may be scratching your head, going "umm, was she dating someone?" Those of you who also know me on FaceBook have probably seen the changed relationship status and 5 million comments, and decided to do a little snooping on Mark Younger's page. 

Opps...I said his name. 

Yep, there it is. Now before you go doing a word search for "Mark Younger" in my blog history, I will say that I did write about him once. He came to serve with us in August of 2009 for a couple of weeks and I slipped up and blogged about him. There were countless blog entries that were inspired by my relationship with him, but I would never let you know which ones they were. There I go again, keeping secrets ;-)

We have been friends for a long time, then we were best friends, and now we are getting married.

Here is a picture so you can enjoy the moment with us. Thanks to all of you who helped pull it off, and to those of you who knew it was about to happen, and didn't spoil the surprise. It was an incredibly special day for us (ahem - Mark and I) and I am so glad that you could be a part of it...even if it is though the blog or FaceBook!

I have a feeling you may be hearing more about "us" as life goes on, especially since we will be beginning our life together on the mission field in August. 

So, remember this day friends...when Heather's two worlds collided. The day when the deepest desire of her heart made headlines on Heather's High Points!


PS...I don't want this to turn into a wedding planning blog or anything weird like that. I am still me, you know. So don't go getting all worried.

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