Jun 30, 2010

Faith and Obedience

Last night we had a time of devotion with the Lee University students who have been here serving the medical needs of the community for the past 2 weeks. We talked a little bit about our internship program at HHGlobal and our 2 summer interns Chad and Heather Jo, AKA Chepa, shared a little bit about how they came to be in Honduras.

They shared about obedience and faith. It was so encouraging to hear those words come from the youngest members of the meeting. Chepa talked about how she came to Honduras following God's call on her life, and Chad shared about the faith that it took to get him back for his second tour of duty this summer. In all of this I see God's faithfulness. I see His hand for sure...shaping the young lives around me. I pray for the courage to be obedient to Him. I pray that I have faith to trust in Him...not only for my provision...but for that of my new family.

I am learning so much about God's love for us though my relationship with Mark. I think I will learn a lot more as the months turn into years...but right now, I am learning that it is a bit more difficult to trust God with those that are closest to you. For some reason, I can trust Him without a second thought when it comes to my well being or provision, but it is more difficult now that there are 2 of us.

Lord, please help me to trust you, no matter how big my family becomes. Give me the faith I need to continue to serve you. When I say the words "I trust you" please make them true. I stand on your word, and I believe in your promises.

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