Mar 26, 2011

See, I didn't forget my promise!

We are getting ready to receive our first purely medical team of the season. That means...brigades, brigades, brigades! It will be interesting for Mark to see what Medical Teams look like, and this will be our nurse's first rodeo as well. Bay Community Church arrives in a few hours...and we still have to clean up around here -you know that little junk-y stuff that accumulates and no one seems to know where to put it - that is my job. I am the de-junker on group days, lol. We also have to trek down the mountain for supplies and then come back and cook dinner.

OK, what am I doing blogging?!?!?!

I wanted to uphold my end of the deal here, and keep you posted! Pray for us! This is going to be a wild ride.
4 brigades in 4 villages in 4 days

OH, yeah...I am been feeling the urge to learn how to write grants. Let's see what God does with this, and how He can use me in that way on the mission field. More uncharted territory!

Love you guys!

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