Oct 17, 2011

Mark and I have been traveling in the States for 2 weeks now. We have been refreshed by the church services we have attended, honored to have shared what God is doing in Honduras with church congregations and college and university students, and blessed to spend valuable time with our families and friends.

I don't know if you have ever experienced the feeling where you are doing exactly what you always wanted to do, and more. That is how I feel right now. I have always wanted to travel across the US, visiting people and seeing the greatness of the country-side, and now Mark and I have the opportunity to do that. Before we head back to Honduras we will have traveled through 7 states - but not only that, we will have spent time with people we love and cultivated relationships that we cherish. God is so good.

My constant prayer has been that God wold go before us and come behind us. That He would protect us as we travel, but also that He would set our schedule. It is amazing, as a planner, to watch our schedule unfold before us - or really change before us. When we started out on this adventure we had a plan (a tentitive plan) to travel stoping to see old firends, and hopefully meet some new ones along the way. I am just so amazed how God has taken the shell we had on paper and transformed those dates into divine appointments. How He has taken meetings and turned them into times of worship. God does so much more than we can imagine - when we just hold things with an open hand, allowing Him room to work.

We have almost four more weeks of traveling. Of course we are a little bit tired, but we know that God will sustain us. He has promised to go before us, He has promised to guide us, and we have promised to go with Him.

So to every smiling face we see - thank you. To ever neck we get to hug - thank you. For every 5 minute chat in the foyer and every hand we shake - thank you. Please know that we value you so very much. Please know that we love you and we covet your prayers. There is never enough time for us to see everyone we would like to - but I belive that is what heaven is for - we will have an eternity to catch up, an eternity to swap stories, and an eternity to laugh together. 

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