Oct 22, 2012

The Past Four Years

Many of you know Mark and I recently returned home to Honduras after a trip to visit family and friends in the States (the whole month of Oct). We had an awesome time running the roads, as my mom would call it, and sharing all about what God is doing in Honduras. We were blessed above and beyond anything we could have ever dreamed of in preparation for our expanding family (Baby Younger is set to arrive November 18th)!

While in the States, I had a chance to grab lunch with an old friend. Many of you probably know her, or know of her - Robin Rhodes. She was my mentor during my time as an Elevate Intern, with Healing Place Church. We met once a month for lunch and talked about life. Those were some of the best lunches I ever had, and not just because I was a starving intern!

So, Robin and I met up at one of our old favorites...Las Palmas, and had a great time catching up. About half way through lunch she looked at me and said, "Do you realize it has been 4 years since you moved to the mission field, fell in love, got married, and are now starting a family?" Honestly...I had not realized that all of those HUGE life changing things had occurred in such a short period of time.


Chances are that if you are following hard after God, a lot has happened in the past four years of your life too. Life seems to be a ridiculous adventure when you are sold out to His plans. Not all of it is fun, mind you...some of it can be quite mundane...but it is an adventure nonetheless.

When I started Elevate School of Ministry in 2007, I never would have guessed that four years later I would be married on the mission field expecting my first child. Only God knows what the next four years will hold for the Younger Family, but if the last four are any indication...we are in for one wild ride!

I hope you guys continue to ride with us!

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