Feb 8, 2013

Living for Today

I would say one of the challenges a big picture/forward thinker has in daily life is seeing what IS happening versus seeing what WILL happen. This is something I struggle with regularly.

Although my body lives in the present, my mind usually lives at least a month into the future...sometimes more than that. My desire is to plan for the future, so that I will be a good steward of the future when it happens.

BUT, I am realizing (over and over again) that too much dreaming for the future can cause me to overlook the dreams of long ago that are coming true today.

If this is your story too, then this is my prayer for us:
Lord, help us to be present in the present, so that you can be rightly glorified. If our heads are too high in the clouds, we wont see that the rain we have been praying for is already making the garden grow.

God's glories are too numerous to count, but that shouldn't stop us from trying! Today, let's be grateful for today.

I love y'all!

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