Aug 14, 2007

First 2 Daze

Well we started Elevate on Monday! I moved in to my new 3rd floor apartment with my 5 other roommates in 111 degree weather! I think I lost about 10lbs in sweat!!!! I had some awesome friends helping me out, let me give a shout out to Michael and Charis Scichowski!!!! The helped us move in all day in the heat and then came back for more after we had our first orientation meeting.

My mom came all the way up from New Orleans and met Pastor Dino and most of the Elevate staff. She got to see my apartment and meet some of my roommates. I was soooo happy to have her there; it really made my day!

Today (Tuesday) we woke up and met at the Annex for 8am and after a little morning prayer we all headed out to the LSU Rec Center's Team Building Ropes Course! Two of the best guys ever lead us through a variety of exercises that required balance and strategy but most importantly TEAM WORK. We had a great time even though it was about 92 degrees by 9am. I really learned a lot today about the importance of taking the back seat sometimes. I think all of the interns have a natural ability to lead but sometimes you need to step back and let someone else take the reins.

I also learned a good bit about relying on others. I have been trying to do things on my own for so long that it is natural to try and do things myself. These exercises were impossible to do alone. Some required you to rely on the strong members, some required focus and concentration and others called for the participants to be calm and quiet.

I am so grateful to be with this group of people, they are real team players. I hope that we all remember what we learned today and apply it to our daily lives not only to help us deal with challenges but to help us avoid them!

I can't believe I am actually doing this! I am having a great time. Please pray for a few things: that I would remember that I am here to serve God and to remember where I was when he saved me. That God would continue to fuel my passion for the lost and hurting in this world. And that I would be have a servant's heart and put others before myself.

Thanks for keeping me so close! This was the BEST first day of school ever!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great first and second day! Glad you are in blog world. Really excited for your step of faith!! Time to be radically changed!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey love! I wanted to tell you how proud I am to call you friend and that I love you very much. I know you are going to come out even more awesome when all of this is over. I have a suprise for you too. I was supposed to get it to you saturday but i forgot it. I love you!!!