Aug 13, 2007

Moving Again!

well it's 12am on monday aug 13th and i am doing the last bit of packing for the big move tomorrow! elevate begins with a big bang in the morning; we have all day to move into the apartment and then we meet for orientation @ 6:30 @ pastor dino's house. i am nervous and excited; i really can't believe elevate is starting 9 hours!

we have to pay half of the total tuition tomorrow morning and i am still short by about $900 so please be in prayer for me! i am trusting god to provide for me without taking out a loan for the tuition! i am going to have to empty my bank account tomorrow and that is a frightening thing!

well i had better get back to packing! i hope i'll be able to write a little bit after orientation tomorrow and let everyone know my schedule! thanks again for all of your support!

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