Aug 29, 2007

Frejya AKA: Bean, Beanie-Weanie, Frejoles Negra

A little trip down memory lane...I know this really isn't relevant to this blog but I miss my bean!

Frejya, the greatest dog that ever lived, well still lives! I sat by her when she delivered her first litter of puppies. I would have been there for the second litter but they were a surprise (a BIG surprise)! I stayed with her for 3 days in Memphis after a routine surgery almost took her life. I hope I never have to feel that way again, but somehow I don't think that is realistic.

For those of you who have met her, you know that I am not bragging...simply stating the facts. She is loving and kind, but don't mess with me cause she'll take you out! I hope everyone finds a dog like this at least once in their life and can share the experience with someone special.

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Carole Turner said...

Hey car twin! Like your blog.

Rock on!