Sep 5, 2007

Live for God or shut up!

This is an excerpt from the Elevate blog I wanted to share with you guys!

Posted on September 5th, 2007

This was sent to me via e-mail from Donna Frank (she helps Alliece Cole with outreach and is an amazing servant and awesome woman of God) and I thought that I would share it with everyone. It is really good, so check it out. - Tiffany Dupree

“Elevate (internship program at HPC) has started up again for their Fall semester. We’ve been blessed by getting to work with several of their students, some first-year and some second. These young people are laying down their lives for the cause of Jesus. They spend their time between classes, assignments, work, prayer and serving in various capacities with the church. The crew that we have are fantastic; great attitudes, hard working and dedicated. I’m sure you’ll hear more about them in future posts.

Wednesday afternoon we went into the community to do Widow’s Outreach. We got to visit with some incredible people and share their lives. Miss Agnes wasn’t home. Miss Agnes is always home, so when she didn’t answer the door we went to ask the neighbor if she was okay. As it turns out she was in hospital. We promptly loaded up the van and headed to Baton Rouge General to find Miss Agnes. She’s a very special lady whom I’ve had the privilege of getting to know a little bit over the past several months. She’s 91 years old and was a preacher for 32 years. She always has a sermon ready and it’s always a word for the moment. Wednesday afternoon was no different. As she was propped up in her chair, breathing oxygen through a tube, I asked her what she wanted to say to our Elevate interns. She looked directly at them and said, “Live for God or shut up. If you’re not going to live right than don’t you even be talkin bout Him.”

Talk about a word that will preach.
That has stuck with me all week. Through Ladies Thrive on Friday, street outreach on Saturday and Pastor Dino’s weeekend message. Live for God or shut up. A strong word from an awesome lady.

All glory to God!”

-Donna Frank

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