Oct 15, 2007

HP Women

Every other Monday night @ 7pm some of the coolset ladies ever get together to earn more about God and grow closer to him. Tonight Mrs. DeLynn's mother spoke about Excellence. It was a powerful message that made every one in the service feel like they needed to spend time at the altar, and in fact we all did!

She used Daniel as an example and pointed out 7 things that showed he had the spirit of excellence:
1) ho would not defile himself but remained holy even when threatened
2) he was faithful to God
3) he had a strong prayer life
4)he was thankful to God
5) he had the fear of the Lord
6)he lived a life that caused others to worship and know God
7) then he prospered

I am so often critical of others. I so often get offended and ask "what about me?"She said one thing that I will carry with me for a long time, and I think every woman should wrte this down and keep it where they can see it..."The attitude is the paintbrush of the mind, it can color any situation."

I want my attitude to paint life. When I am faced with a tough situation and I have chance to either complain or be thankful i want to fall on my face and thank God for the opportunity to trust him and to build within me the spirit of excellence!

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