Oct 15, 2007

Vision Night

Vision Night @ HPC was awesome!!! Just Listen to some of the things we have been a part of in the Past 10 months...

Attendance has increased 17%
323 Baptisms
769 Salvations
1600 Volunteers Serving on Outreaches
203 people sent on mission trips to 13 countries
680 families assisted
1300 hospital visits
13 million hits on the website
>5500 counseling appointments
140 widows/week served

HPC is definitely not about numbers; each one of these numbers is a life that our church has had the opportunity to touch and a person that we have been able to serve!

Pastor Dino Shared an amazing message with the vision that God has given him for the net year of HPC's life and what it is going to take to get there. Check out his blog@ dinorizzo.com

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