Oct 25, 2007

Long Time No Blog

Hey guys, sorry for not blogging in 9 days!!! I think there may be a law in Leviticus that says I have to stay outside of the camp for a week now becasue I haven't been faithful, just kidding. things have been incrediblly busy the past week.

The Healing Place Women's Conference, Live the Dream, is this weekend!! We have all been praying over this conference and fasting for an unbelievable time with God. There will be over 1200 women during the 3 days and we expect God to move in an awesome way.

All the Elevate interns have been working hard to help make this the best conference ever. We have made give-away bags, decorated chairs, cleaned, made signs, and anything else we were entrusted with! But of course having fun is one of the unspoken rules of Elevate so here are a few pics of us having fun in the children's church dress up bin...

Jaime, Kelly, Joy, Shana, Mary Beth, and Hannah workin hard in the gift zone

Joy and I playing dress up with left over Velcro!
Kelly and I having some tea
On Friday we worked at the LSU vs Auburn game to raise money for our missions trip! I know all of you watched the game, right, and it was pretty stressful up until the very end. But we all know God is a LSU Tiger fan so we prevailed again! Here are a few pics from our concessions stand during the game!

1:30am, still in the concession stand and we have to be at service for 6am

I think you have to have a great sense of humor and the ability to make relationships without taking yourself too seriously to succeed in ministry. If you remember Jordan, the Elevate of the Month, you will remember that he is one of those guys that was made for high school ministry. Here are a few pics of him with this awkward mustache that he is growing out for a prank. He also dressed up as a French Settlement coach for our sports themed vision night and I got a pic of him at waffle house...hilarious!!
Ever get a crumb in your mustache and no one told you it was there?

Yes, that is Jordan...looks just like his dad, whom he borrowed the clothes from!

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