Oct 11, 2007

Spot Light

The Spot Light is an award that is given to a Second Year Elevate Intern who has demonstrated an unequaled passion to be all that God has called them to be. These interns face so much in their daily walks with God. I look at how the world sees me for quitting my job and doing elevate this year and I can only imagine how is sees them for sacrificing yet another year of their lives for God.

The Spot Light Award went to Angela Musso....

Spotlight of the Month

Angela Musso

Angela is a second year full time Elevate student and is hard to contain because she is full of passion to make Jesus famous. She is bold and outright blunt about making sure His name is known. She is an Esther of this generation – determined to grab hold of her “for such a time as this” moment and will persevere through anything to make it happen. She can lead anyone into an intimate time of worship, and knows how to serve it up in the inner city. She is determined to go into the depths of the world to fulfill what God has called her to do. She serves faithfully and with a contagious enthusiasm. Make sure to thank Angela for all that she does.

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