Oct 11, 2007

Elevate of the Month

Every Month the Elevate Staff gets together and decides on one intern who has gone the extra mile. During September Jordan Gautreau did just that. I wanted to share with you the kind of people that I have the privileged of serving with here at HPC!

Jordan Gautreau

Jordan is a one of a kind leader. He has jumped right into Elevate with determination to make the most of it. He is learning to grow, be stretched and challenged. His teachable spirit and humble attitude is what makes him a valuable person for anyone to have on their team. He has a passion for the next generation to be world changers and he is unstoppable, and is on his way by serving faithfully in Refuge every day. He is determined to live the life God has called him too, no matter how hard it gets, no matter the sweat that is required. He has excelled in Elevate and been an example to strive for. Make sure to thank Jordan for all that he does.

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