Nov 12, 2007

Praise Report

I am sure you remember reading about the cell phone issue so I want to tell you how God came though! I have to back up a bit in time for you to see the full effect...

Rewind to 34 days ago, The church began to prepare for our annual Miracle Offering which we collect and sow 10% into helping the poor and those who think they have been forgotten and the rest goes to the building fund. Pastor Dino called a 33 day fast to help prepare our hearts to give and to consecrate the offering. I chose to fast from all beverages except for water and coffee, you have no idea how hard that was for me!! Anyway, during that time I prayed for the offering and I began to think about the amount that I should give. Since it was a Miracle offering I wanted it to be a miracle amount so I picked $100. Considering I am in Elevate and I don't have enough $$ to pay my bills I knew God would have to step in. So I prayed and fasted and asked God to show me how I was going to be able to honor my commitment.

Meanwhile I can't pay my bills and my cellphone gets disconnected (see earlier blog: No More Cell Phones). So here I am believing that God is going to go over and above with this Miracle Offering , so that means He was going to provide for my bills and the offering. And He did. Through the course of a week I received money from 5 different people from 5 different locations in 5 different walks of life. The total was $205!

I was so excited when I dropped that $100 in the offering bucket. I really experienced giving with a joyful heart. I couldn't wait for the offering to be taken up. The bucket finally came around and I was able to do my part! Then after service I ran into one of my favorite pastors ever and he was asking me how things were going. I played that little game where I try to pretend the world isn't falling down around me but he knew my phone had been disconnected because he couldn't get in touch with me for a week. He asked me how much I needed to get my phone turned back on and I undershot and said $10 and he gave me a $100 bill!

God rewarded my obedience. See this wasn't about the offering, God was trying to do much more in my life. He was trying to get mt to trust him completely with my finances, he was trying to grow my faith, and trying to show me that if I am obedient to him then he can bless me! What an awesome testimony! If you get a chance look at a few scriptures: The story about Elijah and the widow in 1 Kings and Micah 3:10 about God opening up the windows of heaven.

Through all of this, I know god has been with me. It has taken our relationship to the next level. He is showing me that He is interested in me personally, as well as his big plan for my life. He is teaching me that he is my Abba Father as well as Jehovah Jiarah (my provider)!

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Anonymous said...

wow!! What a neat story. I'm so glad you shared it.