Jan 10, 2008

Tator Tots and Cherry Limeade

We had a great class with Pastor Dino today - he hooked it up with some drink and tots - woo hoo! But more importantly he gave us a great word on how to live our lives in ministry with longevity. God has given him 15 years at HPC and a little over 20 years in ministry! I am honored to have listened to him share some of his experiences with us.

Six things you need to stick around
  1. grit in your soul - can you hold on no matter what?
  2. holiness from the inside out - are you willing to be set apart for God?
  3. laser focus - can you spot the counterfeits in your life by holding them up to the light?
  4. work ethic - there is always a place at God's table for those who work hard.
  5. increase your skill set - great leaders are great learners.
  6. have joy - enjoy life and learn how to rebound from setbacks.
This was really great. Check out the picture on his blog here.

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