Mar 28, 2008


Life is really so amazing. No I take that back, let's give credit where credit is do...God is so amazing. I have been given an incredible honor. I am still in awe of this that writing it down seems a little surreal, but here goes...

You know that my time here in Elevate is coming to a close since graduation is just around the corner. You also know that I have been really praying about what God wants me to do next. Ok I bet you really want to know what this is all about, don't you?

Here goes...I have an opportunity to go to Honduras for a year to teach in a small school in Rio Viejo and work with medical missionaries Dr. Martin and Wendy Williams of Healing Hands International Ministries. I am so honored that people believe in me enough to send me out. It really is incredible. This is a picture of the 7000 square foot hospital located in the mountains surrounding the Rio Viejo in Honduras.

I came into Elevate knowing God had plans for me. I had an idea that those plans would include overseas travel and I knew that I couldn't be successful serving him if I didn't have a good biblical foundation to stand on. So he lead me to Elevate and I entered a season of preparation. I have received so many blessings during my time here and I am thrilled to be able to go out and reach the nations.

I am looking forward to a life of learning. I am so excited that I get to discover, grow and learn from more amazing people. People who want the heart of Jesus. People who want to share love.

This is going to be absolutely amazing but there will be may challenges along the way. I am so glad I serve a God who's name is above all names! Please continue to pray for me. There will be a lot of arrangements to make and I have so much more to learn!!

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