Mar 26, 2008

Some pics to catch you up!

This was HPC's Amplified service. We got to spend a weekend with the JR. High and Highschool kids from our church and take them on community outreaches, and lead devotionals at night. It was an incredible time for me as well. The worship was amazing and the girls I got to hang out with were awesome!
We took Andrea, who is an intern visiting from Lima, Peru (check out her church) and Hannah, from West Monroe (which is kind of like another country) to see Mike the Tiger while we were at LSU for a Valentine's Day outreach. We went to LSU and handed out over 500 flowers to students passing by Free Speech Alley. Pretty cool.
The assembly line of jambalaya preparation...jambalaya, white beans, slice of white bread, wax paper cover and a set of utensils. Each one of those bags in the background have 4 boxes of food to be delivered! Lots and lots of jambalaya!
The Cooking for Christ Team cooks up some jambalaya for one of our many dinner sales to raise money for out mission trips to India and Africa!
Acquire the Fire - we helped out Teen Mania Ministries with their Baton Rouge event where 1200 kids from the Louisiana/Mississippi area came to get a deeper relationship with God.

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