Mar 30, 2008


I know that I have been lacking in the picture department lately. But I really can't take the blame for that one since my camera didn't make it back with me from Venezuela (back in December). But I got these pictures off of my friend Kelly Pitts - thanks girl, u da best!

A few of us went hiking in Mississippi on a much needed day off. We had a blast getting to know each other a little better and watching each other get hurt...well mostly just laughing at Kelly hurt herself by always taking the "high road."

Caleb, Angela and Steph explore the smallest cave ever.

Power Ranger poses...i guess you had to be there for that one.

Fi Fie Foe Fum...I am actually standing on top of a waterfall and the path in front of me is a dry creek bed, but from this angel it looks like i am a giant!

Monkeys in Mississippi? It's true!

Didn't you know that it is a capital offense in Louisiana to steal the Lysol from the latrine at the Clark County Natural Area? This Lysol ain't going nowhere.

Random Events...

Just hangin around. from left: caleb, distin, me, kelly pitts, stephanie

Kelly Pitts took me to a Third Day concert and we got blessed with backstage passes!

Mary Beth, living up to her name sake.

Leah and Tori. I really can't explain those two; maybe you'll get to meet them one day.

Kelly Finegan and I on the back of the outreach truck. We deliver food on Saturdays to people in Baton Rouge who can barely afford to live in buildings that should have been condemned years ago.

3 of my most favorite people.
Kristina: my long lost cousin, Natalie: now in Africa, Kelly Pitts: Intern Extraordinare

Doin the mashed potato in the back of the suburban. Jordan (on the right) is very surprised by my dancing skills!

Me and my little Mexican Kelly (ok, she's really from Georgia)

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