Mar 31, 2008

Cluster Maps

I love cluster maps, yes i do! I love cluster maps, how bout you?

What is a cluster map, you say? Well I am sooo glad you asked. You see that nifty replication of the world on the right hand side of my blog? The one with all of those little red dots on it? That is a cluster map. It records the location and frequency of people who log on to my blog. Pretty cool , huh?

Yeah I knew you'd like it! I think it is so cool. I love seeing new dots pop up in places. It is so much fun. Especially when I see a new dot and I am 100% sure I don't know anyone who lives there. Like those three dots in Australia (yes, I have dots from Australia...don't be jealous you probalbly have Australian dots too and if you got a cluster map you would know about them).

It's like my blog is my own world wide outreach! I hope that even if someone only reads one of my posts they would encounter Jesus in a very real way. He is so real to me and I want this blog to share that.

Another really cool thing is that I can see the dots where my overseas friends are. I can see the Natalie dot in Swaziland and as my network grows and all of the people I am doing life with now go out into the world I will be able to see their dots too (they better still read my blog!).

So I know this was kind of a random thought but that's really how my brain works. Love ya!


Unknown said...

Hi Heather,
I stumbled across your page literally with the google search words "missionary Dietitian" and am so glad that I did. I'm in the homestretch of my dietetic internship at New York Presbyterian Hospital, and have the next few weeks off, "professional development"...and feel like I'm back to square one, trying to decipher God's plan for me. just like you, I've felt a calling to missions for as long as I can remember, and can mark specific experiences and people that are pointing to this preparation. but I don't know how or where to start. or when. as you know, I have to take the exam after the internship is done in July. I also got into grad school, and deferred for a year to do this internship. if I don't start in the fall, I'll lose my deferrment. so I'm trying to decide whether a Master's in Nutrition and Public Health is really doing to help me with missions, or if I should put it off until later. if I do decide to do Grad school, I would need a job immediately after the internship is over to pay my living expenses, which are very high in NYC. but I don't want to do a job just to pay the bills, I want to, while fully trusting God with my finances, find something that will allow me to serve those who need anything that I can give...and if I do feel that missions is something God wants me to do, how do I prepare for it, and how do I get connected with an organization or place that needs me? I'm swimming in murky waters, and am so grateful to find someone who knows the way a little better. if you have any advice at all, I would love to hear from you. my email is
I will be keeping you, Honduras, and the other prayer requests you have on your blog in my prayers. may His love strengthen and encourage you, and pour out of you with no hindrances to everyone in your path. I know you will be a blessing there.
with love,

Heather Stewart said...

Hey Rachel - I am so glad you left me a comment and that you found my blog! I went and googled "missionary dietitian" just to see the results and my blog showed up on page you really had to do some digging!

I saw your New York dot pop up the other day but I thought it was a cousin of min who lives there, but surprise, it was you! How cool!

Any way, I got your email and I am going to use it so get ready! God is going to do some amazing things in our lifetime and I know he wants us to be a part of them!