May 14, 2008


I just made the last Wal-Mart run before the trip with Brandon. Ate IHOP too...mmmm. There is nothing quite like pancakes and milk at 3:00am to start off a great trip.

Oh by the way...Brandon is the friend I was telling you about in the earlier post. His grandma is still very sick and weak. He talked it over with his family and they want him to go to Africa. Please pray that his grandma's condition improves while we are gone. We are so glad he is still able to lead the trip. Thank you for your prayers!!!

I just finished making copies of the nutrition lesson I may get to teach while in Swazi...really basic stuff on diabetes, HIV/AIDS and food safety. And yes I do know that is is 4:45am...

Only 3 hours and 15 minutes left!!!

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