May 17, 2008

Greetings From Swaziland

WE made is safely into Africa! We are here doing God's work and it is absolutely amazing. Today we went out to the soccer fields and handed out free cokes and told people about the church service tomorrow morning!!!

I saw one of the daughters of the Swazi church members give her balloon away to another kid at the soccer field...a natural at outreach. She saw the girl and knew that she would like to have the balloon she just got about an hour earlier. So beautiful.

We also went to the mall today and handed out balloons ans suckers to the kids and told their parents about the church service. It was a great statemnet because children arent valued in Swazi society but God loves them. He says that we should come to him like children. I am learning what that means by watching these kids.

I love you all and I will try to email and blog soon. The internet is few and far between here. Continue to pray that God will bless our efforts here and that his Holy Spirit will go before us on Sunday and every day of our lives for that matter!

In Christ,
Heather Stewart

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