May 10, 2008

Amazing Graduation Celebration

The Elevate Staff totally spoiled us last Friday night! They planned a great evening for us...they thought of everything.

They picked us up from the apartments in white limos, so cool!! They surprised us by taking us to dinner at Drusilla Seafood where they had reserved the banquet room. It was decorated beautifully and they personalized everything!

We got to see a "Greatest Moments of Elevate" video (stay tuned I will post it when I get a copy). It was so awesome...we were laughing so hard! It was so cool to hear all the stories and see what everyone remembered from this crazy journey.

We had an excellent dinner...I personally ate the seafood eggplant casserole (acclaimed by Bon Appetite Magazine) a twice baked potato and to finish it off right I had bread pudding for dessert. Oh it was amazing!

We got to hear from some of the staff members who have poured into us all year long. They have invested their time teaching us and praying for us. It was so cool to see them full of such love for us. Michelle and Tiffany really made us feel special. They are such amazing women. They are such givers and they have meant so much to me this past year. They are like mothers, friends and teachers all in one person. I am so glad to have met them.

Well it looks like the year is starting to wrap itself up. I think I have to change the name of the blog now. sniff sniff.

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