May 27, 2008

En Route

We made it to San Salvador, El Salvador...I am having coffee with Mrs. Claudia and Mrs. Paulette in the airport. We got some traditional sweets from a little cookie shop and they are very good. I am glad to be in a country that appreciates good coffee! Espresso con leche, por favor!!

Next stop San Pedro Sula and then La Ceiba. Please pray for favor and traveling mercies. We almost missed our connection in Miami so we aren't sure if our luggage made the plane or not.

So I may be wearing this set of clothes for a while...I just had to bring the laptop so there wasn't room for any clothes on the carry on...ahaha


showstopper said...

Heather!!! So good to hear from you!!! Was browsing through your posts...hmmm, yeah, that whole the same yesterday, today, tomorrow deal is so so true!!!! Oh, Lord, help us to grasp that truly believe that. I was reading 'Streams' and I felt these were His 'words for me', "You will pass through...simply believe Him"...yay, you are in Hondurus!!! Cannot wait to hear all about so awesome that God chooses us to play a part in His plan of redemption!!!...miss you!!!!, love you!!!!, praying for your time in Hondurus

marybethg said...

hmmmm...good thing you experienced this once before in africa! nothing new for you, Mrs. World Traveler. Anyway, your luggage will be there, in the name of JESUS. I miss you already!!!!!