Jun 2, 2008


On the way back from the Outreach at the soccer fields...the one I almost started a riot at - that's another story - we stopped to give some candy to a bunch of kids. I know, I know...I had to leave the Dietitian in me at the hotel for most of this trip. We were giving candy out left and right.

Any way, we stopped to give out candy, or Sweets as the Swazi kids call them, and I got some great pics of the kids. Just look at them! So beautiful! So excited! Take a look at the little guy in the middle...

...I'll give you a close up.He is thinking about how goooood that candy is going to taste! Just read his shirt...He is totally out of control!
When was the last time you got this excited over a piece of candy? It tells you a little bit about their lives, doesn't it?

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