Jun 27, 2008

Walking and Waiting

I have been in this state of stop and go lately. I take a few steps forward and then wait around for a while. It has given me a lot of time to think, to read, to spend with God and to heal.

I took a step of faith yesterday. I take a lot of them I guess but this one was intentional, haha. I drove into Baton Rouge for a meeting at church. I really felt God drawing me there but I didn't have enough gas to get back home. So I struggled with whether or not I should make the drive. In the end I made the decision to go and if I ran out of gas on the way home then praise God I ran out of gas.

The meeting was incredible. We received an encouraging word from Bro Billy Hornsby, who if one of the founders of the ARC and and incredible leader. It was so good to be back home at HPC and see everyone that I have missed so much. Bro. Billy shared some incredible life principles with us but one of them hit me harder than the rest. He said that if you spend your life helping others succeed then you will be successful.

WOW! You may have to chew on that for a minute but not me. I had been waiting for someone to tell me that it was OK to do that. I needed permission to build others. You see the world tells us to strive to make ourselves beautiful, strive to make ourselves successful, strive to make ourselves a living...but what I really want to do is help others put into action the dreams God had given them. Of course I have dreams of my own, to have a family and serve God with them, but I trust God with those dreams. I believe that if I serve Him with everything I've got by serving others then He will take care of me.

Matt 6:33 Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well. This has become the driving force for all of my decisions. I really trust God...with everything. Every single thing. And because I put my faith and trust into action by making the drive out to Baton Rouge to go to that meeting God met more than just my need for gasoline (thanks Mary Beth) He healed something deep in my heart and gave me ability to trust Him completely.

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Kelly Pitts said...

Thats some good stuff! SAY DAT!